If you have looked at the About Us story, it’s safe to say this shop has seen almost every make and model of instrument manufactured over the past 100 years. Our family has restored all musical instruments from the early 1900s to current production saxophones, clarinets, flutes, trumpets and low brass instruments. We repair the following vintage and modern brand names:

Selmer                                Yamaha                     Holton

Yamaha                              Keilwerth                    Haynes

Keilwerth                            Yanagisawa                Powell

Jupiter                                Conn                          Trevor James

Buescher                            King                           Pearl

Holton                                 Haynes                      Buffet

Powell                                Trevor James             Gemeinhardt  

Cannonball                        Buffet                          Martin     

John Packer                      P. Mauriat                    Vito Leblanc                                                             


We specialize in vintage woodwind and brasswind repairs. Our core specialty is complete restoration of instruments, particularly Selmer Mark VI, Selmer Balanced Action and Super Balanced Action saxophones as well as vintage Haynes flutes and vintage Buffet and Selmer clarinets.

Attention Professional Musicians Touring through New York City and Philadelphia. Call us to schedule an appointment today!!!


We truly believe there is no shop in the tri-state area more qualified to restore your vintage or high end musical instrument to its original manufacture play condition than WT Music & Son. Our customer base consist of some of the finest working professional musicians in the area and the world and we take great pride in supporting our professional customers in everything they pursue.


Our dedication to the highest quality of work is unmatched. We still believe there is a special place where superior workmanship is appreciated and available to the general public. Whether you are a beginner, advancing student or professional musician, you have come to the right place when you have arrived at WT Music & Son.